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these devices all get the Android 11 update

The Android 11 update is now available and coming to many smartphones soon. In this overview you can read which smartphones are likely to be updated and will soon be able to get started with all the new features.

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The big Android 11 update overview

Manufacturers are constantly releasing new Android smartphones, which means there are hundreds of devices for sale in the Netherlands and Belgium. This will probably make it difficult to see the forest for the trees, especially when it comes to updates. Every manufacturer has a different update policy and it can differ per smartphone whether and which updates you get.

Android 11, the latest version of the mobile operating system, has been available since September 8, 2020. Many manufacturers have not yet announced which smartphones will receive an Android 11 update, but we can make an estimate. In the list below we have indicated in brackets whether a smartphone will be updated.

Pay attention: everything is subject to change and the plans of most manufacturers are not yet official.

When can you download Android 11?

The final version of Android 11 was released in September and the update is available for all recent Pixel phones. Other manufacturers will follow in the coming months, although the update speed differs per smartphone brand. Below we list all the information.

This Android 11 update overview was last updated on December 17, 2020.


With a smartphone from Google, you can count on receiving Android updates first. If you have a Pixel 2 or newer, you can now download Android 11 right away. The original Pixel is unfortunately left out.


Samsung has not yet disclosed its update plans for Android 11, but the manufacturer is clear about how long its smartphones will receive updates. This allows us to make a good estimate. The conclusion: if you have a recent Samsung phone, you can soon get started with Android 11.


The Finnish HMD Global, which makes the Nokia smartphones, is – just like Google and OnePlus – quite fast with the release of Android updates. A large part of Nokia’s line-up will be updated, although the devices from 2018 (and older) will probably fall by the wayside, because they have already received two major Android upgrades.


OnePlus has an excellent track record when it comes to releasing Android updates. Most recent devices from the manufacturer will probably receive an update. Check out our expectations below.


Motorola is slow with its updates. It can easily take six months or more for major updates to appear. Moto G devices usually receive one major Android update, but some devices receive more (or less). You can read the overview with our expectations below.


It is unclear which Huawei phones will be updated to Android 11. Because Huawei and Google are no longer allowed to do business, it is also unclear what a possible Android 11 update will look like – with or without Google apps. That is why – until more information appears – we have set the devices below to ‘uncertain’.


Sony is neat and smooth with updates, which means the company’s most recent smartphones are being updated – so don’t have to wait long. If you have an older Sony phone, you will probably be left out for the Android 11 update.


LG does not have the best track record when it comes to Android updates, but owners of a relatively new smartphone can expect an Android 11 upgrade. These are our expectations:


Fortunately, Xiaomi finds it very important to keep its smartphones up-to-date and therefore gives the most important devices an update, we expect. Even if you have a cheaper phone, you can probably update to Android 11 later. This is our prediction:


Oppo’s update policy is rather unclear, but we made an estimate anyway. As soon as the manufacturer’s plans are known, we will of course adjust the list.

What’s New in the Android 11 Update?

With Android 11, Google focuses on privacy, chat apps and improving notifications. New are the chat bubbles, which are small icons of apps that remain on the screen of your smartphones. This allows you to quickly resume a conversation, without having to open and close an app every time.

In addition, you can give apps one-time permission to your location (or other data), so that your privacy remains better protected because apps cannot watch in the background. Furthermore, the notifications in Android 11 will be overhauled. Conversations are now disconnected from other notifications and also displayed at the top of the notification bar.

This is a nice improvement, since you first see your WhatsApps and texts (and can respond to them) and only then other notifications that are likely to be important.

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Is your device not in the list? Don’t panic, your smartphone may still be updated by the manufacturer. After all, the plans of manufacturers are not yet known. Respond below with the name of your device and we will add it to the overview!

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