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these cool features come to the speaker

these cool features come to the speaker

With the release of iOS 16.3, new features are also coming to all versions of the HomePod. The HomePod mini gets these two cool features with the update.

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HomePod 16.3: New update for the HomePod

Apple is about to release another batch of updates. These include iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, tvOS 16.3, WatchOS 9.3, and macOS Ventura 12.3. After the launch of the HomePod 2023, Apple is now adding another update to that list: HomePod 16.3.

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HomePod 16.3 is expected to be installed immediately on the new HomePod 2023. Do you have a HomePod mini? Then there is good news, because the update is also available for the small version of the HomePod. It also gets quite a few new features with the update!

Temperature and humidity sensor in HomePod (mini)

The HomePod 2023 features a new built-in temperature and humidity sensor. Now this sensor turns out not to be that new at all: the HomePod mini already has such a sensor built in, but was simply not yet activated. With the new version of HomePod 16.3, this cool feature is activated.

The sensor can – as the name suggests – measure and register the temperature and humidity in a room. This information can be used for (even more) automating your smart home, because the HomePod (mini) works well with the Home app. With the new sensor, an air conditioner or fan, for example, switches on automatically if it is too hot or too humid in your home.

Find My and more new features

HomePod 16.3 comes with more new features. For example, after the update it is also possible with the HomePod mini to request the location of friends via Siri. But your friends must of course have given permission for this in advance.

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In addition, Apple has expanded and improved the audio of the HomePod mini. New ambient sounds have been added to the smart speaker. These can be linked to certain automations and alarms in the Home app. Another new feature is audio tuning: Optimizes spoken audio even more. This way you listen to podcasts in the best quality.

HomePod mini

New update will be available soon

HomePod 16.3 is expected to roll out at the same time as all other updates. You can probably install these updates by evening on Tuesday, January 24. So it’s just a matter of waiting. Can a HomePod no longer be missing in your smart home? The HomePod 2023 is already available for pre-order here:

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