These cities allow you to book for testing online

If you want your antigen testing to run smoothly and virtually without waiting, we recommend that you check to see if places near you do not allow online ordering. Cities like Banská Bystrica and Sereď even support the application, which allows you to order for testing from home. This will prevent annoying waiting in a long line in cold weather.

Maybe your city will allow you to order testing online

The ordering system via the website completely stopped working at the beginning of the week due to a big attack. When they finally connected him, all the places were passed in a few minutes. The Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia has come up with a replacement – the Bookio application, which will allow you to choose your collection point and time. It offers this to individual municipalities for possible use.

The application does not use the mentioned government website intended for information about the current pandemic. Denník N mentions that Banská Bystrica also used it during testing last weekend and, as it was satisfied with it, it will use it again during nationwide testing.

He also uses it and will be used by Sereď as soon as possible. After choosing a place, you choose the date and time, your personal data and e-mail together with the phone number. However, it is not yet clear which other cities or towns will use this application. So far, all that is known is that the city of Trenčín will certainly not use it. On the other hand, Nitra plans to put into operation its own testing application.

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