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These child-friendly Christmas baubles are indestructible

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Do you want something different than round balls? These wooden stars are available in sets of eight. Very nice: you do not have to buy hooks, because you just hang them on the cozy string. Order them here

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest. this box contains 108 plastic Christmas balls (and decorations) in nineteen different shapes and sizes. You can easily hang them with the rope that comes with them and they do not fade – ideal for use in the coming years. Order them here

So cozy, a moose in your tree. And you don’t have to worry that your child will smash it, because it is made of plastic. Order it here

It doesn’t get any easier: with this 130-piece set with drop-resistant items, you’re ready right away. You also get the peak and the pearl necklace. Order them here

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Hoppa, a hundred pieces of (plastic) gold in your tree: doesn’t it make everyone happy? Afterwards you can just as easily put them back in the huge box that you get with it. Order them here

This plastic set is perfect for those who love the classic Christmas colors. There are 44 pieces in the box in different sizes. Order them here

You could almost eat it, it looks that good. But it is really made of artificial stone. Order it here

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