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these are your most popular artists and tracks

Spotify has a new edition of Wrapped ready for you every year. Here you can immediately see which artists, genres and songs you have discovered, and which tracks you have turned completely gray. Now you can get started with Wrapped 2020.

Wrapped 2020

From today the time has come; Spotify Wrapped 2020 is available. With the tool you can see every year which music you have discovered new in the past year. In addition, you also get to see a nice annual overview with the most listened to artists and tracks for 2020. The approach this year has changed a bit. The items are shown as a kind of Stories.

First you see an animation with an introduction. Then the party can really begin. You see the number of newly discovered artists. In the third slide you will see how many genres you have listened to and which one was the most popular with you. Then you will see the most played track, along with when you first listened to it and how many times you played it. Then in Wrapped 2020 you will receive an overview of your favorite songs and you can create a playlist with ‘Your top songs of 2020’. This will then end up in your Spotify library.

Wrapped 2020

You also see what was the most played record by you in a given decade. Of course you end with the famous overview of most played artists and most played tracks. You can choose from different styles and then share them with your friends.

Spotify annual overview 2020 Wrapped

You can now use Wrapped 2020 in two ways. The first way is to go to the Wrapped 2020 website, another option is to just open the Spotify app on your smartphone. You will immediately see an option to start Wrapped 2020 on the start screen.

Spotify - Music and podcasts
Spotify - Music and podcasts

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