These are three advantages for your electric car [Anzeige]

Anyone who buys an e-car immediately asks about charging options. The options should be sustainable and yet comfortable. We will explain to you what advantages a wallbox offers you and how you can benefit from it E.ON Drive PowerBox can benefit.

E-mobility: the advantages of a wall box

Anyone who has dealt with e-mobility and e-cars has heard of a wall box. Although a wall box is not absolutely necessary, it is definitely recommended. In addition to this clear recommendation, there are also some advantages. We present them to you below.

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Advantage 1: Safe & fast charging of your e-car

As a rule, an e-car should not be charged via the conventional socket. This option is only used in emergencies, because it involves enormous risks. Since a normal socket is not designed to charge the battery of an electric car, the charging time is more than ten hours – and there is an extreme risk of overheating.

With a wall box, you can usually charge your e-car within two to three hours with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW. Of course, the 2.3 kW from the household cannot keep up with that.

Advantage 2: Convenient charging possible

The installation of a wall box not only contributes to safety, but also to the convenience of charging your e-car. A wall box relieves you of the search for charging options, especially in regions where the expansion of charging stations has not yet progressed that far. Because you charge your vehicle conveniently at home.

While some wall boxes can be installed outdoors, others are better suited for the garage. There are now enough offers for both locations. By the way: tenants also have a right to a wall box. The installation of a wall box can only be refused for reasons of monument protection.

Advantage 3: Investment in the future

In the meantime, wall boxes are not promoted as often, but it is still an investment in the future. If you also combine the wall box with a sustainable power source such as a photovoltaic system, your e-car will literally drive with the power of the sun.

Safe & fast: E.ON Drive PowerBox reduced in price

The E.ON Drive PowerBox has a charging capacity of up to 11 kW and has a permanently integrated charging cable with an IEC type 2 plug. The wallbox, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, offers you an all-round convenient and safe charging experience – and now at a reduced price! Instead of 399 euros you get the E.ON Drive PowerBox from now on for only 299 euros, i.e. 100 euros cheaper.

Get your E.ON Drive PowerBox now for 299 euros

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