these are the winners according to Spotify

This week is all about the Eurovision Song Contest, which is held in Rotterdam Ahoy. Spotify has now released its prediction as to which country will go home with the gold. The listening data of Spotify users was looked at.

ESF winner according to Spotify

We are under the spell of the Eurovision Song Contest, if we are to believe the latest data from Spotify. After Tuesday’s first semifinal, the number of streams worldwide increased by 124 percent. In the Netherlands, we went a step further and measured an increase of 167 percent. ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence is still the most streamed Eurovision song of all time on Spotify. With his winning hit last year, Duncan has 156 percent more streams than ‘Euphoria’, which was the most streamed last year. Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with that song.

Spotify has now released a prediction as to which country will continue with the winnings at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The winner, based on the listening data, is Måneskin’s Zitti E Buoni, the entry from Italy. According to the music service, the Netherlands is in place 10 with Jeangu Macrooy ‘Birth Of A New Age’. In Belgium they are charmed by our entry. There we are in position 4, and in Luxembourg in position 7 of the final list. According to Spotify, we can see ‘Voices’ by Tusse, which hails from Sweden, in second place, and Dark Side from Finland ends in third place. The French Voilà, which according to many is seen as the winning song, does not go further than fifth place according to Spotify. At 4 we find TIX with Fallen Angel (Norway).

Spotify has shared the lists below;

Top 10 most streamed Eurovision Song Contest 2021 songs in the Netherlands on Spotify:

Top 10 most streamed Eurovision Song Contest 2021 songs worldwide on Spotify:

Top 10 most streamed Eurovision Song Contest songs of all time worldwide on Spotify:

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