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ViaPlay has just announced that subscription prices will increase even further. The price of the monthly subscription will increase from 13.99 euros to 15.99 euros.

Viaplay is getting more expensive

Viaplay officially announced today that the prices of a monthly subscription will increase by two euros. From February 28, you now pay 15.99 euros per month instead of 13.99 euros. This date applies to current subscribers, people who take out a subscription now pay 15.99 euros immediately. If you take out a subscription for a year, there is a temporary offer. You then pay the equivalent of 10.49 euros per month.

On Viaplay you can watch Formula 1, the Premier League, darts and various series, among other things. Viaplay – part of the Nordic Entertainment Group – does not excel in the latter. The offer is limited and in many cases outdated.


Since the start of Viaplay in the Netherlands, there have been many complaints about the streaming service. For example, many people suffered from a lawn that was much too green, a resolution that was too low and an app that did not function properly. For many people, Viaplay sometimes didn’t even work at all. Some of these problems have been solved, unfortunately not everything has been solved yet.

Apart from the fact that Viaplay’s F1 team has received many complaints, many people have also complained about image stuttering during the races. This problem has been largely solved, although there are people who still suffer from it. On, the streaming service receives a rating of only 1.1 out of 5 stars.

Alternatives to Viaplay and the F1

Many people in the Netherlands – more than one million – have subscribed to Viaplay. This is partly because the streaming service is the only way you can watch Formula 1 with Dutch commentary. Although Grand Prix Radio also has a smart trick for this.

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Fortunately, there are also other ways to follow F1. Here’s how to subscribe to F1 TV Pro. You can read more about this – and about other alternatives – in this article.

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