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these are the new iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands

Apple launched the iPhone 14 yesterday in a new bright yellow color. That naturally includes new iPhone cases. Check them out here!

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Apple launches bright yellow iPhone 14

The rumors that Apple was working on a new iPhone 14 have been going on for some time. Yesterday was the day: Apple presented the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus in a bright yellow color. The iPhone 14 in yellow looks like new again thanks to the fresh color on the outside, but the hardware on the inside has remained the same.

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The new yellow iPhone 14 naturally comes with new iPhone cases. Apple has therefore added a number of new colors to the range of covers for your phone. And that’s not all: the Apple Watch straps are also getting new colors. We put the new colors together for you.

New iPhone cases in different colors

Apple has added new colors to the range of cases for the iPhone 14. These are the silicone cases for all iPhone 14 models, including the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple did not release a new color for these models, but with the covers, the more expensive versions of the iPhone 14 also get a new color.

The color palette of the new iPhone cases has been expanded with the colors canary yellow, olive green, soft blue and iris. Previously, the covers were already available in sun glow (yellow), agave green, lilac, elderberry, lime pink, storm blue, midnight and red. Curious what the covers look like? Check them out below:

iPhone cases new colors

Apple also presents new Apple Watch bands

Apple has not only released new iPhone cases, the color palette of the Apple Watch straps has also expanded considerably. The colors fresh green, canary yellow, olive green, soft purple and bright orange have been added to the series of Apple Watch bands. The available colors differ per type of strap, for example, the sports straps are available in different colors than the braided straps.

Apple Watch bands

iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands available soon

All new iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands will be released at the same time as the new iPhone 14. You can pre-order the yellow iPhone 14 (Plus) from March 10 (2 p.m.). The new iPhone will then actually be for sale on March 14. The same applies to the new covers and straps, if you order them on March 10, you will receive them on March 14.

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Do you like the new yellow iPhone 14 and the new iPhone cases? The canary yellow iPhone 14 (Plus) is available from Apple and various online stores. We have already listed the shops for you where you can buy the new iPhone in yellow.

iPhone 14 loose:

iPhone 14 subscription:

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