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Google has released a new version of Android 13. With the third beta, several improvements have been made, which will come in handy with the new Android version. What’s new in Android 13 Beta 3?

Android 13 Beta 3

A new beta version is available from Android 13. With Android 13 Beta 3, we see a range of new functionality being added to the Android version. During Google I/O, Android 13 was finally announced and we knew exactly which improvements were being rolled out. We have summarized this in the article about the new features in Android 13. Now several more options are added.

Users can use the quick search bar in the Pixel Launcher to enable the option to also search the web directly, with the search history on. With the search function you can also search directly on Google Maps or YouTube. Google has also improved the clipboard, although it is not clear exactly which improvements have been made. The clipboard function is smarter in Android 13 and lets you edit text and images, for example, before pasting them.

We also see some minor adjustments, such as the clearer indication of the swipe bar and some bug fixes. These have to do with the Material You interface, among other things.

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