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these are the most popular Google searches in the Netherlands

Google has released its annual Year in Search overview. Here we see which topics, questions and searches were the most popular in 2020. What are the trending searches this year, and what did we search for the most?

Year in Search 2020

Every year, Google provides a good overview of the most popular searches of the past year. A distinction is not only made per country, but also worldwide. If we look at worldwide, we see that the Coronavirus is of course number 1. Followed by Election results from the American elect, Kobe Bryant, Zoom and IPL. The Coronavirus was also searched most often in Belgium. Along with the American elections and ‘the weather tomorrow’. CNN and Joe Biden were also in the top 5 of most popular searches in Belgium.

The Netherlands

For the Netherlands, Google has also published various lists. We have of course listed them for you here.

Most Popular Searches

  1. Coronavirus
  2. RIVM
  3. Elections America
  4. Coronavirus Netherlands
  5. Snappet
  6. Kobe Bryant
  7. Fred van Leer
  8. iPhone 12
  9. Corona Dashboard
  10. Joe Biden


In this list we find the ten most frequently asked questions to Google. In the Netherlands in 2020 the list looked like this;

  1. What is a lockdown?
  2. What is a Pandemic?
  3. What is a copula?
  4. What is a transgender?
  5. What is a noun?
  6. What is short-time working?
  7. What is Ammonium Nitrate?
  8. What is TikTok?
  9. What is a fever?
  10. What is an autoimmune disease?

TV programs

In the Netherlands we have also often searched for TV programs. The top 5 of these is;

  1. farmer seeks wife
  2. Over my dead body
  3. Who is the mole?
  4. Chateau Meiland
  5. Married at First Sight

Why questions

Google has also shared another interesting list. This contains the questions that Google ‘received’ in the past year. In the Netherlands we often asked ourselves the following things;

  1. Why were cornflakes invented?
  2. Why do we hoard toilet paper?
  3. Why is the flag flying today?
  4. Why is it called coronavirus?
  5. Why is the sky blue?

Actors, actresses, artists, deceased persons

Google’s Year in Search 2020 shows that we also often searched for information about the following people. Think of actors and actresses such as Noortje Herlaar (known from The Masked Singer), Babette van Veen, Barry Atsma, Tom Hanks and Amber Heard. Artists who were much sought after are Marco Borsato, Iris Hond, Noortje Herlaar, Ernst Daniël Smid and Akwasi. We also searched for news about deceased persons; Kobe Bryant, Naya Rivera, Lara van Ruijven, George Floyd and Maradona.

How do you make?

Another section contains the ‘how do you make…?’ ask. In the Netherlands, the top 5 of these looked like this;

  1. How do you make a mouth mask?
  2. How do you make slime?
  3. How do you take a screenshot?
  4. How do you make French toast?
  5. How do you make iced coffee?

Movies and series

We also used Google to consult information about films and series. The top five were as follows;

  1. Tiger King
  2. 1917
  3. Parasite
  4. 365 Dni
  5. After we collided

Baking and recipes

This year, we searched en masse for how to bake bread, cod, pie, apple pie or pork tenderloin, Google reports. For the recipes, we most often used the search terms asparagus, gnocchi, scones, pointed cabbage and spinach.


In 2020 there was enough news that you could not have missed that. Google has listed the five most searched news topics in the Netherlands.

  1. Corona press conference
  2. American elections
  3. King’s Day at home
  4. Storm Dennis
  5. Schools closed

Google has made a nice video of Year in Search 2020 in which the various topics are discussed again. You can view these below. If you want to consult the entire overview, or view the topics per country yourself, view the Year in Search page of Google via this link.

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