These are the latest children’s films on Pathé Thuis

This is the latest offering.

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Jackie and Oopjen

Twelve-year-old Jackie is a regular at the Rijksmuseum. Not surprising: her mother Mouna works there as a curator. When Jackie walks past the portraits of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit after closing time, Oopjen suddenly appears in front of her. Age: 6+

Scooby! (NL)

After hundreds of solved cases and adventures, Scooby and his friends face their biggest, most challenging mystery yet: a plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus on Earth. Age: 6+

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Cats & Dogs: Put the Paws Together!

A team of inexperienced cops must use their old-fashioned instinct to restore peace between cats and dogs. Age: 6+

Yakari The Great Adventure

This surprising animation film for young and old shows the spectacular adventure of the little Sioux Indian Yakari and his friendship with Little Lightning, a super-fast mustang. Age: 6+

Big Trip

A clumsy stork delivers the adorable baby Panda to the wrong place. Bear, Elk, Tiger and Rabbit catch it and embark on an exciting journey. Age: 6+

Pathé, in collaboration with Cinekid, will be treating a children’s film to Pathé Thuis every day for two weeks from 14 January. The cinema selected fourteen films, such as De Kleine Vampier, Antboy and Sing Song. “We hope that this great promotion makes a small contribution to our visitors with children, who have earned a little extra with all the teaching at home and in this way can relax and enjoy the best children’s films together with their children.”

Source: Pathé Thuis

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