These are the finest skates for children

What should you pay attention to?

From figure skates to ice skates and adjustable models: the choice is huge. Therefore, consider in advance which skate suits your child. For the little ones who are just starting to skate, ice skates are ideal. With these double skates they can easily get used to the smooth ice. They are suitable for children of about two to five years of age in toddler and toddler age. Children who have been skating for some time can go for ice hockey or figure skating (good for recreational use). Do you like to cover long distances? Then go for noren.

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Adjustable ice hockey skates

Ideal: these skates can be adjusted in three sizes (29-32, 33-36 and 37-40). This way your child can use it for a long time. they feature hard plastic, heel, ankle and toe caps and the stainless steel irons are pre-sharpened.
– Made of artificial leather
– two Velcro closures
– With handy adjustment knob

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Junior figure skating

Cozy pink irons with two quick-release closures, so no hassle with tangled laces. They are adjustable in four sizes by means of the push button at the heel.
– Available in sizes 27 to 41
– Stainless steel
– Includes spare closure

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For the youngest skating fans

Children stay in balance on these Nijdam Junior Adjustable Slides. They are adjustable from size 24 to 34 and are closed with handy quick closures.
– Available in three colors
– Sturdy material
– Wide footbed

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Junior speed skate

These skates are great for long distances. And – very nice – adjustable just like the above models. At least you don’t have to buy a new one next year.
– Lacing, quick release and Velcro strip
– Adjustable in four sizes with a push button at the heel
– Steel skate blades

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Graceful figure skating

Stylish on the ice? This is possible with these skates from Graf Davos Gold, which are suitable for novice and recreational figure skating riders. Good to know: the ankles are protected by the extra ankle pads and the lining provides extra reinforcement.
– Delivered sharpened
– Includes lace puller
– Upper: synthetic leather

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