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these are the features to switch over

iOS 16 is popular! The new operating system has only just been released, but many iPhone users have already installed iOS 16. These are the features of iOS 16 why you should switch.

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iOS 16 is popular because of these features

The finding comes from research agency Mixpanel. According to the company, iOS 16 is already installed on 23.26 percent of all eligible iPhones after nine days. The popularity of iOS 16 is mainly due to the new features.

These are mainly the visual innovations, such as the improved lockscreen with a new look. In addition, the widgets that you can place on the lock screen are also one of the new popular new features of iOS 16.

When iOS 15 came out a year ago, the operating system was only installed on 19.3 percent of iPhones after ten days. Users were hesitant to install it because of all the bugs it initially contained. Similar visual innovations such as we see in iOS 16 now were not there at all.

Installing iOS 16 not yet required

If you want to continue using iOS 15 at this point, that’s no problem at all. Apple still provides security updates, so installing iOS 16 is certainly not a requirement. That was no different with the release of iOS 15. You could then continue to use iOS 14 for months.

Mixpanel estimates that iOS 15 is currently installed on about 67 percent of all iPhones. Just under ten percent still have an iPhone with an older version of iOS. Apple itself has not yet said anything about the number of installations of iOS 16. But in recent years, it turned out that the data from Mixpanel is close to the truth.

ios 16.1

Next update iOS 16

The next update will be released in October. iOS 16.1 adds a number of new features. This update includes an improved battery indicator. Also, with iOS 16.1, you no longer have to explicitly approve every copy and paste attempt. The number of users who install the new operating system may increase even more.

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