These are the best Saint gifts from 10 to 12 years old

Lego Star Wars

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Recreate Baby Yoda and give him different facial expressions: you can adjust his head, ears and mouth. And of course, the knob of a gear lever should not be missing in his hand.

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Cube Duel


A kind of Tetris, but different. In this game (nominated for Toy of the Year 2020) you have to fill a cube with cubes of different shapes. Everyone has their own color – who has the most cubes on the outside at the end of the game?

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NERF elite


With this NERF blaster, every mission is literally child’s play. He has a magazine for ten darts and you can shoot them up to twenty-seven meters. So you probably take cover.

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MINDF * CK Magic Set


Does your child enjoy magic? Then this set by illusionist Victor Mids is a must have. He learns to read thoughts, bend spoons and float a credit card. One thing is certain: nothing is safe at home anymore …

You order the set here.



Make the best shells, mermaids and seahorses from plaster with this set. Let it cure, paint and it is like taking a dip in the ocean.

Here you buy the set.

Chemistry Lab


Create your own laboratory at home and turn liquids into foam. Or create a chemical underwater forest. With the help of the manual and images in this set, your child can do all kinds of experiments: a perfect gift for any beta child in the making.

Here you buy the lab.

3D puzzle


Takes a while, this 3D puzzle with 216 pieces. But of course he doesn’t have to go off in a weekend and you are probably not the worst to lend a hand. Extra fun: it comes with a lamp, so you can give the Eiffel Tower – just like the real one – a light show.

You can buy it here.

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