These are the best rated sandwich makers at the moment

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The Tefal SM193D Croc Time is very user-friendly and not only suitable for sandwiches or paninis, but also for a piece of meat. The handle with security clip does not get hot, so you can easily open the device while it is on. The sandwich maker shows with the indicator lights when it is on temperature and thanks to the non-stick coating it is easy to clean. Order it here

Very nice: the Domo DO9056C sandwich maker is suitable for large Dutch sandwiches thanks to the extra large baking tray. There are two indicator lights on it: one for the power and the other to indicate that the sandwich maker is ready for use. Thanks to the non-stick coating you can be sure that the sandwiches won’t burn – ideal if you are distracted by a child secretly using your white wall as a coloring page. Order it here

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Whether you go toasted sandwiches, paninis or waffles: with the OK. OSM 3211 Multigrill can do it all. You use the standard grill to prepare panini’s or to grill fish and meat, for example. Would you like a sandwich or a waffle? Then you can change the plates, in which you can make two sandwiches or waffles at the same time. The light shows you at a glance whether the grill is at the right temperature. The Multi grill has a sturdy non-stick coating, so you don’t have to use oil or butter: it saves fat. Order it here

The Krups FDK452 is a device that not only makes tasty sandwiches, but also looks very nice. It is equipped with large sandwich plates with non-stick coating. And it is always safe to use thanks to the handle with locking clip. Furthermore, the Krups FDK452 has a built-in thermostat and the indicator lights indicate when the device is ready for use. Order it here

The Tefal Snack Collection Multi Snack SW857D is a sandwich, panini and waffle iron in one that can be expanded with sixteen (!) Different plates. (it comes automatically with two sets of plates for making paninis and waffles). The plate sets are easy and neat to store in the supplied storage box. The snack machine is equipped with an on / off switch for safe use and has a light so you can see when the plates are at the right temperature. Order it here

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