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These are the best audiobooks for children

Super lady and the monkey circus

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It’s summer vacation and there is a circus in town. Of course the children are also in and around the circus and so they suddenly end up in a new adventure in the middle of summer. And even though it is vacation, Miss Josje sees master Snor more often than she likes. He seems to be upset about something. Is she going to help him or not? Narrator: Janneke Schotveld Order it here as an audiobook for € 9.99

The Grote Boer Boris Audiobook

Which child wouldn’t want to be Boer Boris? Farmer Boris has his own farm and can drive around all day on his red tractor. There is also so much to do. Narrator: Ted van Lieshout Order it here as an audiobook for € 2.99

The gang of four – Shit lesson

A nice big book about the gang of four: twins Mies and Jet, their younger brother Kees and their crazy father, with no less than 30 stories. For example, Kees has to give a lecture at school, but he doesn’t know a nice subject. Cats, dinosaurs – that has been told about a hundred times. But then Dad gets one of his genius hunches: Why not a talk about farts? Narrator Sunna Borghuis. Order it here as an audiobook for € 9.99

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The sheep Veronica

Humorous poems about the daily experiences of the funny sheep Veronica, the pleasant ladies Groen, and the pastor. Narrator: Flip van Duijn, the son of Annie MG Schmidt. Order it here as an audiobook for € 10.99


Just after Sinterklaas, on December 7, Storytel is launching a new Storytel Original for children: Weeds. A moving story about bullying, loneliness, being yourself and friendship. Narrator: GTST actor Joep Sertons, ambassador of the Stop bullying NOW foundation. With Storytel from € 9.99 per month, you have unlimited access to more than 100,000 Dutch and English titles for the whole family.

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