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Gone are the days when 25 Mbps connections were considered high-speed, and streaming 4K videos, 5G or 10 Gbit / s optical internet is becoming the future. However, we all know the feeling when a web page doesn’t load in half a minute or when a video played in HD quality cuts every few seconds.

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Therefore, having a tool designed to measure the speed of your internet directly on your smartphone is not harmful. With handy applications, you can quickly and easily check the speed of your connection and detect any problems. There are a number of apps in the Google Play store. Below you will find a selection of the best, whether simple for measurement only or those that offer more advanced features.

Speedtest by Ookla

Good old classic, which is very popular among users. Like all the applications mentioned in this article, this one of course offers you the ability to measure download, upload and ping speeds.

But it doesn’t end there. Ookla regularly adds features to the application that will please even the most demanding users. According to the XDA Developers portal, it recently added the possibility to test what the highest quality video your internet can play. During testing, the application will start the video and gradually increase its quality until it reaches 4K quality. It then tells you how good you can stream videos.

In addition, you can change the server during testing or set the preferred type of units in which the test result will be displayed. In addition, Ookla is trying to build a quality map of coverage of various operators and has built a VPN into the application.


In addition to the basic function of measuring the download and upload speed, the Meteor application from OpenSignal also offers the possibility to test whether other applications on your device will run smoothly on your Internet. You can also save measurement results from different locations, such as work and home, and compare them with each other.

FAST Speed Test

For the undemanding, there is the FAST Speed ​​Test application from Netflix. Its simple user interface will quickly measure your download speed, and when you click the Show more info button, you’ll also see information about ping and upload speeds.

Speed Test WiFi Analyzer

The Speed ​​Test WiFi Analyzer application will be appreciated by more demanding users. In addition to the basic functions for testing the connection speed, it also serves as a tool for analyzing WiFi. The free version tells you, for example, the router’s baud rates, which channels it runs on, or whether it supports WiFi 6. For a $ 1.99 fee, you can also unlock more advanced features and have your ads removed.

SpeedTest Master Lite

Speed ​​Test Master Lite is a simple application with a minimalist design. During testing, it measures basic data, including download speed, upload speed, and ping. The results of individual measurements are then stored in history, where you can view them at any time. It is also ideal for users who have little free storage because it is only 3 MB.

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