these are the advantages of new sim card

KPN has introduced the Ecosim. This makes the green-colored provider the first provider in the Netherlands to deliver this new SIM card to its customers. It is a SIM card, but much more environmentally friendly.

KPN Ecosim

If we want to do something about climate change, we must all do our part. KPN has taken a new step in the environmental friendliness of SIM cards. The provider introduces the Ecosim. This is a SIM card as we already know it, but produced in an environmentally friendly way, because the card consists of 100 percent recycled plastic. KPN is thus the first provider in the Netherlands to deliver the Ecosim to its customers.

KPN has announced that the provider wants to be almost completely circular by 2025. The Ecosim must contribute to this objective. Every year 4.5 billion SIM cards are made worldwide, KPN spends several million per year; to both new and existing customers. The largest component of this is plastic. The Ecosim replaces tons of plastic and can also be recycled again later. The Ecosim is made from old refrigerators. This is not only strong, but also flexible enough for processing into a SIM card. The packaging of the SIM card is now made from FSC-friendly hard paper.

The current stock of SIM cards is being used up, but otherwise only supplemented with the Ecosim. The first Ecosim should be delivered to customers in a few weeks. This applies to customers with a prepaid, subscription or SIM-only subscription with KPN.

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