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From now on, consumers can choose the deceptive package of the year 2022 from five products online. The Hamburg consumer advice center determined the candidates nominated for the vote based on complaints from the past twelve months. An overview.

Anyone who is currently in the supermarket can hardly believe their eyes when it comes to some products. Because inflation drives up prices. However, the manufacturers also trick when presenting their offer.

While the retail price is increasing, many producers are reducing the content of their products at the same time. These hidden price increases are difficult to prosecute from a purely legal point of view. Nevertheless, she wants Consumer Center Hamburg draw attention to the problem. That’s why consumers can now vote for the deceptive package of the year 2022.

Deceptive package 2022: More complaints than ever before

Last year, the Hamburg Consumer Advice Center collected more complaints than ever before, as more and more consumers complained about the “less-in-shame” scam.

More than 700 complaints were received in August, September and October 2022 alone. However, what arrives and is recorded is probably just the tip of the iceberg, according to consumer advocate Armin Valet.

Consumers can vote on deceptive packaging in 2022

From the numerous tips and complaints, the consumer center meanwhile created a shortlist of the nominated deceptive packages. All five candidates are products that have become significantly more expensive in the past year due to reduced filling quantities and, in some cases, additional price increases.

Contestant 1: Rama of Upfield

Despite the same cup and design, Rama’s content has shrunk from 500 to 400 grams over the past year. This led to a hidden price increase of 25 percent. At the same time, the manufacturer Upfield needs half a million more cups for 1,000 tons of spreadable fat.

Contestant 2: Leerdammer by Lactalis

Leerdammer lived up to its name in 2022: the packaging for the cheese brand has actually become emptier. Customers had to pay up to 43 percent more for the product.

Contestant 3: Pringles by Kellogg

Quite secretly, Kellogg has reduced the number of Pringles in the can over the past year. At the same time, the company also increased the price of the chips. Overall, this results in a price premium of 25 percent.

Contestant 4: Calgon by Reckitt Benckiser

The company promises Calgon consumers more wash loads per pack. However, the manufacturer of the water softener cheats with the dosing information. This concealed a price increase of 42 percent in 2022.

Contestant 5: Haribo gold bears

Although Haribo makes children happy, adults had to pay 14 percent more per bag of fruit gums last year. And not only the gold bears are affected. For the company’s anniversary, the company also reduced the size of the bags for dozens of other products and their contents.

Deceptive package: consumer center calls for better regulations

The Hamburg consumer advice center is angry about the actions of the manufacturers. “Current laws give companies a lot of freedom to fool consumers,” says Valet. He demands that the filling quantity reductions in Germany should only be allowed under specific specifications.

In addition, with a view to protecting the environment and resources, stricter rules regarding the proportion of air are necessary. “Packages must always be full. Politicians have let consumers down long enough,” explains the consumer advocate.

the poll of the consumer center to choose the deceptive package of the year 2022 runs until Sunday, January 22, 2023.

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