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These are the 4 best sticker packs for WhatsApp: this is how you download them

In addition to the standard stickers in WhatsApp you can go to the Play Store for dozens of other pictures. We have selected 4 nice packages that you can use immediately.


The best sticker packs for WhatsApp

With WhatsApp stickers you fleur your conversations in an easy way. In addition to the standard animations of WhatsApp itself you can also download other images. We have selected a number of good examples. You add the stickers by downloading the app, opening it and pressing the chord when prompted. Then click in WhatsApp on the sticker-icon (next to the emoji-button) to send the pictures in a chat.

1. An old acquaintance

We kick this list with ’10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp ‘from, yes, Telegram. This WhatsApp competitor has been offering stickers for many years and has made its own pictures available for the popular chat app. This package consists of ten packages, giving you dozens of animations to choose from.

Download 10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp in the Play Store (free)

2. For the holidays

Christmas you celebrate together. How could you better let your family and friends know that you are thinking of them than sending an appropriate Christmas sticker? This package is full of pictures of Santa Claus, Christmas trees and the accompanying delicacies. There are also images with which your acquaintances already wish a good New Year.

Download Christmas Stickers from the Play Store (free)

3. Your favorite plumber

Mario is one of the most iconic game characters of all time and therefore deserves his own stickers. With this package you also get other pictures at your disposal, such as dogs and colored emoji.

Download WAStickers in the Play Store (free)

4. For the experts

Do the statements “rustagh” and “can in the water” sound familiar? Then you are probably familiar with the extremely popular ‘Internet gekkies’ compilations on YouTube. In these films, the most striking figures, with the most remarkable statements and actions that the Netherlands has to offer, are bundled into films. Thanks to the special sticker pack for WhatsApp you can now also send these eccentrics to your friends on WhatsApp.

Download Internet gekkies Stickers in the Play Store (free)

Also nice: making your own stickers

Do you prefer to get started? Then let go of your creativity on your own stickers. With the app ‘Create Stickers for WhatsApp’, which by the way is of Dutch origin, you can make and share your own fun stickers for WhatsApp

in a jiffy

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