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These are the 10 rudest cities in Germany

These are the 10 rudest cities in Germany

Whether garden gnomes, sauerkraut or punctuality: the Germans are known for many things. But what about politeness? In our weekly ranking, we show you the ten most impolite cities in Germany.

Germany is not only known as a land of poets and thinkers, but also for certain virtues. The e-learning platform shows how polite the Germans are Preply analyzed in a representative survey. This also resulted in the rudest cities in Germany.

The rudest cities in Germany

The survey is based on a scale of one to ten points. Appropriate behaviors are also part of the investigation. In the following ranking we present the results. A rating of ten stands for maximum impoliteness.

10th place: Country

Tenth place in all of Germany. The study not only determines the rude cities, but also which behaviors are most common in this country. The fact that many people in Germany are constantly engrossed in their smartphones is the most negative. Overall, the average value for the Federal Republic 5.84 points.

10th place: Country. ( / Christian Wiediger)

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