These are the 10 most popular programming languages

No computer application can do without data structures and algorithms. In our weekly ranking, we show you the ten most popular programming languages.

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the IT industry. The internet provider IONOS has therefore identified the most sustainable and popular programming languages ​​​​in a representative survey and interviewed 71,547 people.

The most popular programming languages

The respondents stated which programming languages ​​they have used in their IT work in recent years and which ones they would like to work with in the coming years. In the following ranking we present the results and thus the ten most popular programming languages.

10th place: PHP

The PHP programming language has been available since 1995. It is primarily used to create dynamic websites and applications. On the IONOS popularity scale, it achieved a value of 21 percent.

10th place: PHP. (unsplash.com / Luca Bravo)

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