These are the 10 best furniture stores in Germany

Whether service, quality or advice: what does the furniture trade actually stand for and why is it still a lot ahead of the online business? In our weekly ranking, we show you the ten best furniture stores in Germany.

Outstanding service is probably the key to success for every furniture store. Even though the internet and the high degree of digitization are changing many sectors and furniture chains are also facing new challenges, stationary trade can usually serve even better with service and advice. But which chains are the best furniture stores in Germany?

The best furniture stores in Germany

The German Society for Consumer Studies mbH (short DtGV) analyzed furniture stores with regard to the quality of their service and advice and identified the ten best retailers.

Regarding the quality of service, the analysis also took into account the cleanliness of the markets and the friendliness of the employees. The advice given in the respective furniture store was examined on the basis of the respective competence. In the following ranking we show you the ten best furniture stores in Germany.

10th place: Jysk

Jsky is a global retail chain. In addition to bedding, the chain also sells furniture and home furnishings. The brand used to be known in Germany as “Dänisches Bettenlager”, but has been presented worldwide as “JYSK” since autumn 2021. The rating is here 47.8 percent.

10th place: JYSK. (Screenshot / Instagram)

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