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These apps are used by the founder of The Trailblazers

These apps are used by the founder of The Trailblazers

In the “Homescreen!” series we present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games in between. Today: Jannis Johannmeier, founder and CEO of The Trailblazers.

My home screen actually looks pretty tidy. I make sure that I really only have the apps that I use regularly. LinkedIn (for Android), LinkedIn and again LinkedIn, Whatsapp (for Android) and Slack (for Android).

So apps for communication. I use them for work, but also in my private life, so I don’t separate them completely. On my home screen you can see very clearly: Mail has been completely replaced for me. Almost 4,000 unread emails.

The Trailblazers: The home screen of founder and CEO Jannis Johannmeier

But the most used and loved app is WHOOP (for Android). My heart belongs to the app in the truest sense of the word, because WHOOP is my personal health and fitness coach. It is linked to a bracelet that evaluates my vital signs 24/7 – and based on this gives me recommendations for the day.

For example, if I work more than is good for me, WHOOP complains and uses the physical parameters to show me that I’m stressed – and that I should shift down a gear. If I slept great and have a stable energy level, WHOOP tells me that I can go full throttle.

Self-optimization, whoop whoop!

In fact, I now base my everyday life on this app, even if it sounds a bit bizarre. But I just notice how I can get more out of it – or sometimes less. From my sports practice, from my everyday work, from my free time.

For example, on days when I’m at the top, sport isn’t necessarily good for me, but can also be an additional burden. I learned from WHOOP. Or: Reading a book and cuddling Conni (dog) bring me down more than scrolling around on LinkedIn.

Yes – you could guess, but I know for sure from WHOOP. I have it in black and white on my smartphone!

The home screen of Jannis Johannmeier, founder and CEO of The Trailblazers.

Your own life in the hands of an app?

Yes, self-optimization mania and stuff, I know. But isn’t it super awesome to always know exactly when you need something, when something is good for you and what causes you stress? It’s not about getting more and more out of yourself – it’s about slowing down when you’re not feeling well.

In moments like this, getting a reminder, a “stop stop, that’s enough” is worth so much. At least for people like me, who always want to give MAXIMUM MUCH and sometimes exceed their limits.

I have been using WHOOP daily for two years now and I can only recommend it. The only “Hm” for me is: If the app tells me in the morning that today is going to be a low-level day, then my motivation for the day is also pretty low.

And of course I always readily agree with the app. And my wife Leslie always and quite rightly scolds that I put my life in the hands of an app so naturally! 😀

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