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These Android smartphones received a (security) update – week 47

This week the update news is not too exciting. There were some updates for various Samsung devices and that was also the case for the Xperia 1 II from Sony.

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The Android security update overview from week 47 – 2020

Daily likes Android Planet inform you about smartphones that are getting an update. This usually concerns devices that receive a version update, for example when they are updated to Android 9.0 (Pie), Android 10 or later Android 11.

For this we have created the Android 9.0 update overview, Android 10 update overview and Android 11 update overview. In these articles you can see if and when your device will be updated. Also view our major security update overview. You immediately check until your device receives at least security patches.

But, let’s not forget Android security updates. These do not add any new functions, but they do keep things like adware and malware at bay. Manufacturers roll out these updates throughout the year, after which we collect them in this weekly overview. Is your smartphone in the list below, but have you not yet received the update? No worries. It can take a few days to weeks for all instances of a model to be updated.


Android Planet reader Ralf says that his Realme 6 has received a patch.

  • Realme 6 – October 2020 Security Update


An update is rolling out for various devices from the South Korean manufacturer. This also concerns various (very) old devices. There is no question of a new security patch, but the security has been updated.


Sony’s flagship Xperia 1 II has been updated with the latest patch.

Check your smartphone

Is your device not listed? Which can. Manufacturers release updates throughout the year, so maybe your device will be there next time. And even if your smartphone is on the list, you may still have to be patient. It usually takes a few days to a week for an Android security update to be rolled out to all devices.

Keep an eye on Android Planet for the following overview. For example, download the free app for your smartphone. Speaking of this series: we make this overview together with you, the reader. Can’t see your device in the overview, but have you received an update? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll add it.

Ralf thanks for passing on the updates!

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