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These 7 new features are coming to OxygenOS from OnePlus

OnePlus has come up with all kinds of new features for OxygenOS, the company’s software that extends over Android. We list the selected seven new functions of OxygenOS for OnePlus.

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Upcoming 7 features OxygenOS from OnePlus

All new ideas from OnePlus users have been conceived during the IDEAS program from the manufacturer. Everyone can submit their ideas about new functions for the software dispute. Such a big brainstorming session was held for the first time in March this year, after which several functions were already added.

Another similar program was organized in September and a selection of seven ideas has now been made. Android Planet list them for you.

1. FPS Counter for Game Space

Do you not want to be disturbed while gaming (or when you watch Netflix, for example)? Then you can use Game Space. That option already ensures that you will not receive notifications while gaming. Now there is also a frame rate counter, so that you can see exactly how well a game is running.

2. Different volume per application

We still have to wait for an update to roll out next year, but after that you can adjust the volume per app separately. This is a much-requested opportunity from the OnePlus community.

3. More personalization of the lockscreen

They wanted even more options to adjust the lockscreen and OnePlus also seems like a good idea. For example, you can get started even better with the always on display options.

4. Sync files wirelessly

According to OnePlus, they are already busy with this feature. This makes it possible to synchronize data between a computer and smartphone of the brand, but via the manufacturer’s own software.

5. Power Diet mode for even longer battery life

The community asked for a special battery mode, where really the longest possible battery life is achieved. For now that is power diet mode and something that OnePlus certainly sees in it.

6. Dark mode with black elements

There is already a dark mode to use in OxygenOS, but it still has many dark gray elements. If you really want to save some battery with an AMOLED screen, black should really be shown. That is exactly what will happen after an update.

7. Partial screenshots

If you take a screenshot now, you will immediately take it of the entire screen. Users prefer to see the option to take partial screenshots, so that you do not have to crop afterwards.

Ideas that are not implemented

The above options will be added to OxygenOS in the future. However, many other things have been mentioned, which OnePlus has put aside. Some of those plans include a notification ring around the camera, so that you immediately see that there is a missed notification. They also asked for a classic layout of OxygenOS 11, because according to many people it is too similar to the One UI skin from Samsung.

Other ideas included a desktop mode, more options for fingerprint animations, improved image quality when taking photos or a small notification with an app icon when, for example, a message arrives. OnePlus has not yet shared a specific timeline for when these novelties will be available in OxygenOS. They will be implemented step by step.

Is there a position that you are eagerly looking forward to, or would you rather have seen some other things? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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