These 5 new AirDrop features are coming to your iPhone with iOS 17

Apple has announced iOS 17 and AirDrop is getting some useful new features. This is why AirDrop is getting much better.

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Apple announces iOS 17

Like every year, Apple announced a series of new software updates at WWDC. iOS 17 is coming to your iPhone this year, and Apple has already unveiled its first features. For example, the completely new Standby mode is introduced and the Diary app comes to your phone. And that’s not all, because AirDrop is also getting a number of features in iOS 17.

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AirDrop was already one of the most useful file sharing features among iPhones, iPads and Macs. You then share the files via Bluetooth, so you don’t need internet. For example, no quality is lost when sharing photos via AirDrop. In iOS 17, AirDrop gets even better. We list the new functions for you.

1. NameDrop

The main extension of AirDrop in iOS 17 is NameDrop. The feature is an extension of AirDrop and is intended to quickly share contact information with another iPhone or Apple Watch. You do this with NameDrop by simply holding the two iPhones together – or an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

As soon as you hold two iPhones close to each other, the contact card of the other iPhone will automatically appear. You decide which information is in your contact card. This is data such as a profile picture, email address and telephone numbers. This makes it much easier to share your contact details.

2. Sharing files becomes easier

iOS 17 also makes it easier to share files via AirDrop. For file sharing in iOS 17, it is enough to keep two iPhones close to each other, just like with NameDrop. Your iPhone will automatically recognize the other iPhone (or Apple Watch). You no longer have to manually select the other contact when sharing files, as is currently the case.

3. Finish AirDrop over the Internet

The big advantage of AirDrop so far has been that you didn’t need the internet to transfer files. This saves you a lot of mobile data, but there is also a disadvantage. You have to stay close to the other iPhone to transfer the files. If you are no longer around and the AirDrop is not yet complete, the download will stop immediately.

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This will change in iOS 17, because you will then have the option to finish AirDrop over the internet. So you no longer have to stay close to the other iPhone. This is especially useful when transferring larger files such as videos. To complete AirDrop over the Internet in iOS 17, you must be signed in to iCloud.

airdrop over the internet in iOS 17

4. SharePlay via AirDrop in iOS 17

In iOS 17, SharePlay is extended to AirDrop. This will soon make it possible to start a shared activity via AirDrop, by simply holding two iPhones close to each other. With SharePlay you can then listen to the same music together or watch a movie together.

5. Communication security comes to AirDrop

The Communication Security feature (also known as Communication Safety) is also coming to AirDrop in iOS 17. The function should warn children (and adults) when they receive or want to send nude photos. Once Communication Protection is enabled, your iPhone uses artificial intelligence to recognize that a photo contains nudity.

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With Communication Security, nude photos are then automatically blurred. You will then see a warning stating that the images contain sensitive content. You then decide whether or not to view the photo. With this, Apple tries to prevent the sending and receiving of unwanted nude photos via AirDrop in iOS 17.

communication security

Want to know more about iOS 17?

The new iOS update therefore contains quite a number of useful functions for AirDrop, which make sharing files just that little bit easier and safer. Want to learn more about iOS 17? Check here whether all new functions work on your iPhone. With iOS 17, Apple also reveals a number of functions of the iPhone 15. Read here which they are!

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