These 10 countries cause the most CO2 emissions

Whether natural disasters, global warming or extreme temperatures: the consequences of climate change are already being felt. However, some countries cause significantly more CO2 emissions than others. In our ranking we show therefore, which ten nations have the highest CO2 emissions.

Ten countries in the world cause two thirds of global CO2 emissions. In percentage terms, this corresponds to a share of 69 percent. But which nations are considered the biggest climate sinners?

CO2 emissions: These 10 countries are the biggest climate sinners

In its current CO2 report, the Joint Research Centers (JRC) based on data from the EU Commission identified those countries that accounted for the largest share of global CO2 emissions in 2021. In the following ranking we present the results.

10th place: Saudi Arabia

The desert state of Saudi Arabia occupies tenth place in the ranking. By 2060, the government has set itself the goal of acting in a climate-neutral manner. Meanwhile, in 2021, Saudi Arabia was for 1.5 percent responsible for global CO2 emissions.

10th place: Saudi Arabia. (unsplash.com / Haidan)

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