With the new LeTV S1 Pro, an iPhone clone has just been released that actually looks like an iPhone 14 Pro – and only costs 120 euros. Even the Dynamic Island was thought of in the brazen copy. When it comes to the battery, the Apple cell phone is even surpassed.


iPhone 14 Pro: New Android clone costs 120 euros

The Chinese company LeTV is known for examining the latest iPhone under a magnifying glass. Then the design is copied as exactly as possible and the cheap iPhone clone is ready. Now the LeTV S1 Pro has hit the marketwhich at least looks pretty good on the iPhone 14 Pro.

In fact, the LeTV S1 Pro can mistaken for the latest iPhone at first glance will. Only when you take a closer look can you see that the lower edge is a bit thicker than the original. After all, the cut-out at the top of the screen, known as Dynamic Island, is narrower than on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone copy comes in two colors:

The replica of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro. (Image source: letv)

There’s one on the back triple camera in iPhone design ready. However, the Chinese imitators did without the usual Apple logo in the middle and instead attached their own lettering (source: letv).

The fact that it is not an iPhone becomes clear at the latest when the cell phone is switched on for the first time. Then that is Android 11 users are welcomed. The performance of the Unisoc processor will also leave a lot to be desired. The situation is different with the battery, which can refer to a respectable 5,000 mAh. The iPhone 14 Pro only has 3,200 mAh.

The iPhone 14 is also available with a built-in Rolex:

iPhone 14 with built-in Rolex by Caviar

LeTV S1 Pro: iPhone copy only in China

The iPhone clone offers a final disappointment in terms of availability. The LeTV S1 Pro should probably only offered on the Chinese home market will. The price of 899 yuan corresponds to about 120 euros. Interested parties can choose between a black and a light blue variant.