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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (Image: GIGA) (Image source: GIGA)

In recent years, Samsung has been the undisputed number 1 among smartphone manufacturers – none of them sold more cell phones. But now the South Koreans are being pushed from the throne, there is a new leader.

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The Gartner market researcher take a look back at fourth quarter of 2020. And that was tough for the smartphone manufacturer. The bad news: everything 5.4 percent fewer cell phones were discontinued compared to the previous year, the corona pandemic is leaving its mark. The good news: there will be soon three new winners, but then also two big losers.

Smartphone loser Samsung: Apple new number 1

On first loser: Samsung. The South Koreans usually take first place. Not so in the last quarter, because there is a pull Apple over and will the new number 1. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (Max) were in high demand. Nobody likes the iPhone 12 mini alone. Apple had already reported such successes in its last annual report. In total, there are now over 1 billion iPhones out there – crazy. In the last quarter alone, Apple sold nearly 80 million. This corresponds to an increase of 14.9 percent compared to the previous year, while Samsung lost just under 12 percent.

Will these smartphones bring the turning point for 2021? Samsung hopes to:

Even worse hits it Huawei, which now slide to 5th place and lost well over 40 percent compared to the previous year. The Profiteers are however Xiaomi and Oppo. They landed in third and fourth place and recorded increases of incredible 34 and 13 percent.

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Sven Kaulfuss01/28/2021

After all: Samsung secures the annual victory

Interesting: For Samsung at the end there is still a “consolation prize” because you look at it all year 2020, it’s still enough for that first place, but with almost 15 percent fewer smartphones sold. Apple on the other hand, things turned around in the last few months of last year and so for 2021 ideal starting conditions. Will Samsung be able to recapture its traditional place with the latest model (Galaxy S21)? It always remains exciting. Huawei will probably lose further. It won’t be long before you will be out of the top 5, the US sanctions have achieved their goal. The former high-flyers from China therefore have to switch and look for new business areas.

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