“There I was solving my seven-year-old’s love problems”

Ah, young love. When banning kisses in class is the worst thing that can happen to you and you’d rather leave the breakup to your mom.

Milou (35) lives with Sean (48) and is the mother of Fernando (9), Maya (7) and Xavier (3).

“Fernando first fell in love in kindergarten. He and his girlfriend kept kissing each other on the mouth until the teacher was fed up. I don’t know why, I think she just found it a bit annoying at one point, two of those toddlers stuck together all the time.

So it was no longer allowed and Fernando and his other half were really angry about it. “But this is love!” they exclaimed. Unfortunately, the courtship is now over – they both moved away – and Fernando has not had another love since. For now, no one can match his ex.”

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Love sickness

Renate (35) lives with Roël (36) and is the mother of Dean (9), Deacon (7) and Ivy (2).

“Two years ago, Dean had a heartbreak. His little brother Deacon talked it through. ‘Not really!’ Dean yelled when I checked with him. ‘I have no heartbreak. And I hate Fenna!’ I listened to him with a raised eyebrow. Knowing Dean, I had better not ask questions, because then he would completely lock up. So I decided to discuss it with Fenna’s mother the next day.

It turned out to be true. Dean and Fenna were a couple, but she just happened to have broken up the day before. That’s why Dean was so angry. Before I could say anything, Dean and Fenna walked out of the school hand in hand at that very moment. “We’re dating again!” Fenna shouted happily to her mother. Something Dean apparently didn’t appreciate, because he ran towards me with a red face. “I don’t want it anymore,” he whispered. ‘Can’t you break it up? Okay, thanks mom. Bye!’ And he was gone.

Apparently Fenna had heard everything, because she immediately started crying, while her mother looked at me questioningly. There I stood, red-faced, resolving my seven-year-old’s first love affairs…”

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