there are different models in terms of bandwidth

In leaked videos showing how the new Google Pixel 6 Pro devices are put together, it can be seen that there are different models when it comes to bandwidth. The videos can no longer be admired online, but we can tell you what was seen in them.

Google Pixel 6

The well-known professional Evan Blass (EVLeaks) managed to get hold of images from Google Pixel 6 earlier this week and shared them on Twitter (see below). However, now an assembly video of the Pro variant has also appeared online. This shows that there are different models in terms of bandwidth and battery capacity.

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Repair Videos

TheVerge writes that the videos are probably for training purposes as they show you how to fix a Google Pixel phone. You saw in the video how the smartphone was taken apart and put back together again. Obviously they weren’t videos intended for external use, but they have been temporarily available externally anyway.

As a result, we already know a lot more about the upcoming Pixel devices. The videos are about two different Pixel 6 Pros. There is one with 5G, but also one with only sub-6GHz support. In addition, the video also showed the battery of the Pixel 6 Pro and it is probably 5003 mAh (19.26 Wh). That would be a significant improvement over the Pixel 5a 5G, which is only 4860mAh (18.01Wh).

Google Tensor Chip

A wireless Pixel charger is also coming, the fingerprint scanner is in the screen and the device is equipped with facial recognition. The devices also contain a Tensor chip, which was developed by Google itself. Google has already announced this before. The normal Pixel 6 is expected to have a battery of 4640mAh and a memory of 8GB. We think we know this from Saturn, the German retail chain that put the device online a little too early. The suggested retail price? 649 euros.

Apart from the processor, we now only have to deal with rumors when it comes to the new Pixels from Google. On October 19 we see the complete devices completely as Google envisions it, because then the unveiling of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is planned.

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