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The year has come to a considerable end, but we have another news summary for you. There wasn’t much going on over the weekend, and surprisingly, it wasn’t just Cyberpunk 2077. For example, we have information on a never-released game from the Simpsons world for the Dreamcast. We have also sharpened to snippets of information about Gran Turismo 7 and, surprisingly, Project CARS 4. And there is also a ranking of the worst games in 2020 according to the Metacritic portal.

List of topics

00:43 – The worst games of 2020 according to Metacritic. The review aggregator announced the least successful titles of the year. Unfortunately, there is also a Czech one among them

06:21 – Sony was considering remakes of games like Uncharted or God of War. The former head of the studio spoke about the clues of what is being worked on at Sony San Diego

10:54 – Cyberpunk 2077 stays in the Xbox Store but offers a refund. Microsoft will also refund money to players who request it. But the game will continue to be on sale

17:54 – Employees of the CD Projekt RED studio confronted the management. Their director gave like several comments criticizing Sony for withdrawing Cyberpunk 2077. Some investors are considering a lawsuit due to possible unjust enrichment

30:47 – We choose interesting modes for Cyberpunk 2077. Better control, 3rd platform camera, changing hairstyles and styling as from the movie Blade Runner

37:57 – The head of the Polyphony Digital studio spoke about Gran Turismus 7. We are supposed to expect the most advanced graphics without any compromises

40:39 – Project CARS 4 will be the most realistic simulation of all time. Slightly Mad Studios boss Ian Bell started promising on Twitter. He then deleted his posts again

46:18 – Shinji Mikami is said to have been working on a cockroach game to destroy the world at the beginning of the Tango Gameworks era. However, ZeniMax representatives did not approve of the idea and the game did not work out, despite the fact that Mikami finished it.

50:18 – Sega spoke again about Virtua Fighter. The new game is said to be a restart of the series with a focus on e-sports

53:46 – According to Nielsen statistics, Among Us is the most played title in terms of active players in one month. Compared to other games very significantly

57:00 – In Tormentor you torture people and stream murders to the dark web. The author of Agona and Succubus embarked on his own project. The ruthless tormentor builds a labyrinth of death

1:01:04 – Check out a never-released game from the Simpsons world. It just happened to be released by the forgotten devkit Dreamcast. The player was supposed to become a beetle surprisingly

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