The White Stride – Autrans Station

With this official application of the Foulée Blanche 2021, and if you ski at Autrans, you will have the opportunity to compare your times with those of your friends or family on dedicated routes. Race against hundreds of people without ever crossing paths, including renowned skiers who set record times, and many more.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

La stride Blanche is the only Nordic event of the year to offer you this race format.

How to participate :
– Launch the application.
– Put on the skis.
– Take the start whenever you want from the area provided for this purpose.
– Ski as fast as you want on the marked “Foulée Blanche” trails.
– Race to the finish line.
– Consult your rankings directly at the end of your activity on your application or on the White Stride website.

Registration is compulsory.

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