The White House now also as Lego and this is what it costs

The home and workplace of the US president. Now available as Lego, the White House!

Name a more iconic house like the White House. I will wait. The typical architecture ensures that you will not easily confuse the residence of the President of the United States with another residence. Lego has included the most famous house in the world in its range, allowing you to build the White House yourself.

White House Lego

It is not a simple assignment. According to Lego, you must be 18 years or older to do this. In addition, it is good to keep small children out of turn. The set contains many small pieces. The Lego White House consists of 1,483 building blocks in total. The set consists of three sections, with all kinds of details. Think of the garden, the typical West Wing and East Wing and of course the central part. And what about the Oval Office, the study of the American president.

White House Lego

The White House of Lego is now available. A nice gift for the holidays for 109.99 euros, isn’t it? The set is part of LEGO Architecture, where all kinds of iconic buildings around the world are available as Lego sets. Think of the Statue of Liberty or the Taj Mahal and so on.

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