The Unlimited Free 80 GB plan is 10.99 euros per month for the first year

On our comparator, you will find the Unlimited Free 80 GB package in promotion at 10.99 euros per month. MeilleurMobile details the services highlighted on the mobile offer and its advantages.

The telecommunications market offers attractive offers every week. Today, MeilleurMobile is highlighting the Free 80 GB package. Find out about the services put in place. The particularity of this offer is that it changes after one year. The 4G package becomes 5G compatible after 12 months of subscription with an increase in monthly payments.

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The Free 80 GB package turns into a 5G offer at 19.99 euros per month

In the operator’s catalog, all the offers present have the common point of being non-binding. This means that it is possible for you to terminate without paying any additional fees associated with a commitment. Free Mobile relies on its quality of services to convince you to stay. In terms of price, you will only have to pay 10.99 euros per month. You will even have access to the Free Ligue 1 application in its premium version. If you want to follow the news of your favorite club, it will now be possible from your smartphone.

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In terms of services, Free’s mobile offer is complete. First of all, you have the right to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. This concerns both mainland France and the overseas departments. Even within the European Union you can benefit from the services of the operator. The internet envelope set up within the Free package is 80 GB. Thanks to this, it is possible to take advantage of the operator’s mobile network, which is one of the best in France. Abroad, 8 GB of available space for surfing the net. The offer is available until October 19.

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