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Do you still remember Sudden Strike and similar pieces? So be careful not to be fooled. The Troop may look similar at first glance, but it alternates between real-time nature and emphasis on realism. This strategy goes its own way, one where, instead of individual soldiers or entire armies, you command platoon and solve battles broadly, but not completely.

The main venue of the game is the well-known World War II, with a specific starting point on the morning of June 6, 1944. If you remember the history at least a little, you know very well what day it is. We have been able to see D-Day from an American point of view in more than one game, film or series, and that is why it is a pleasant change that you will get to Normandy in The Troop under the skin of British and Canadian forces. You can look forward to both their infantry and motorized and armored units.

On the contrary, what you can’t look forward to are historically accurate missions. Although it begins with a well-known and mapped invasion of Normandy and continues through France to the heart of Germany, it more or less ends. The creators admit that instead of strictly authentic realism, they try to strum on the string of fun gameplay and that specific missions are hardly inspired by the real ones. Missions, conflicts and clashes are purely fictitious within clearly set historical boundaries, which may not be to the detriment of the result.

The emphasis on gameplay permeates not only the missions, but also the specific elements of the gameplay. You don’t have to worry about details and solve every mess, but on the other hand we don’t even have the honor of having a crazy arcade. For example, you can turn tanks so that the weakest armor is never seen by the enemy, but you can get things like fuel out of your head, for example.

The room for error will not be small, but there are also pleasant promises about artificial intelligence, which should also make mistakes. So the game should be challenging, but fair. A computer-controlled opponent should not have any special knowledge of the battlefield or your forces, and he is said to be subject to the same restrictions and rules as you.

The Troop sounds like a pleasantly balanced old-fashioned strategy that doesn’t sacrifice altar fun for unnecessary detail or historical accuracy. And the first user reactions on Steam only confirm this. This is where The Troop can be found, so far only in the preliminary access program, but there is also a regular demo. The full version should be released in less than a year, sometime at the turn of this year and next.

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