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the top app for learning and speaking a foreign language

€ 2.50


Easy learning? It will still be necessary to work a little, of course, but in view of the user satisfaction rate (4.4 / 5 in the Play Store, 4.6 / 5 at TrustPilot), Babbel is one of the most powerful tools in the industry.

One of the first interesting points with Babbel is that you can choose your learning language, for example English if you speak a little English, in addition to the language you want to learn. This will allow you to work on your English at the same time as you learn another language. Obviously this is only one option and French remains the default choice for most of us.

Another equally interesting element, Babbel is interested in your motivation and your goals. Learning English for work is not the same as learning English to progress in your studies or learning English to be comfortable traveling. In fact, they are even different languages, and offering this choice from the outset is obvious that we too often overlook in the context of language learning.

With Babbel you learn to speak a tongue

The app will then be interested in your level and the time you can devote daily to your learning. Then get down to business and that’s where this app is amazing. In addition to tailor-made lessons developed by linguists and top-flight educators, we note that Babbel offers interactive dialogues and is equipped with voice recognition that allows you to correct pronunciation errors. In other words, with Babbel, you SPEAK, which is still the basis for learning a language. Each lesson lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, is accompanied by possible points of revision or improvement. Finally, you have access to mini-lessons on specific topics that you can put into practice immediately. In short, the best of what is done in the genre.

Last detail which is not one, that of the price, and again good news since Babbel is currently offering an offer at -50%. Which brings its price down to 4.99 euros / month for a twelve-month program or 7.49 euros / month if you go away for six months. Click here to take advantage of this exceptional offer. Otherwise, you can still enjoy a 7-day free trial by clicking here.

50% discount and 7 day free trial!

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