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The third chapter of Fortnita brings Spider-Man and the new island -apkrig

Whether you spend your free time playing Fortnite or not, the developers at Epic Games can’t be denied. They were able to graft a complex story into their play, which, with an unbiased view, points out of nowhere, but regardless, it presents one fascinating scene after another, which it simply looks nice. As in the case of the end of the second, resp. the beginning of the third chapter, which literally turned Fortnite’s world upside down. Saturday’s event, quite aptly named The End, meant just waiting a few hours to restart the game, which is again a little different thanks to the new game map and promises to further expand the universe with characters seemingly unrelated to Epic Games or their game. Probably the most significant addition to the battle pass is Spider-Man, but the developers have also added new gameplay elements, such as slides or fast moving by swinging on a rope, and have not forgotten the effects of the weather, including a tornado like the new Battlefield.

If you are interested in how it went the end In the second chapter, the developers released an official video that summarizes everything, about 12 minutes of events. Of course, everything revolves around the final battle with the Cube Queen, which in the end means shelling the spaceships, fighting the giant monsters, watching other cutscenes with Agent Jones and the subsequent escape to safety, which was to provide a base on the far side of the island in the depths . But not everything went according to the heroes’ ideas, and the whole island overturned during the final scene, providing another unobtrusive space for mutual matches and not only those. As the developers explained after a few hours with the help of a previously escaped trailer, this time the experience points for the battle pass will not only be collected in battle royale mode, but also in other mini-games available on the new map.

The most attractive new locations are the Sanctuary – an important place for the whole of Lorita Fortnita, or the editorial staff of the Daily Bugle, for which Peter Parker is taking pictures. Along with Spider-Man, a rope swing mechanism also comes into play. It’s a new way to make playing even crazier and faster than ever before, which can easily happen. The second important element is the slides, not unlike those of Apex or other similar titles, thanks to which you gain momentum and you can not only move quickly, but also fall into the enemy’s back and not be an easy target. An interesting novelty are also campsites, which you can build on the map for yourself and your team, recover or even rearm. The camp is also a persistent element, so its improvement makes sense for other games, at least throughout the current first season.

The last change discussed in the second chapter is the dynamic weather, where the developers of Epic Games quite openly engaged in a direct clash with Battlefield, when they immediately boast a monstrous tornado in the trailer and its possible consequences for those who remain in its immediate vicinity. But if you can stand not only against a tornado, but also in battles with other players, you can get a crown for victory, which you will take to the next match. If you can keep it, you will gain more experience, and if you even win with a shining crown, the developers promise an exclusive emote for further use in the game.

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