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“The television of tomorrow”? This is how TV producer Teravolt works

Teravolt wants nothing less than to turn the TV market upside down. To this end, the Hamburg-based company develops non-linear and web-based content for television broadcasters and helps them to stay up to date. In the location portrait we take a look behind the scenes of the TV producer.

“The GenZ upgrade for your transmission”: This is how the Hamburg TV producer sums it up teravolts its product range together. In the digital age, this includes both non-linear offers and the integration of web-based content. The company wants to help its customers keep their TV products up to date.

Digital media products that complement the TV experience

To put it more simply: the company combines classic linear television with the Internet. In addition to the primary content, viewers can also use digital services such as HbbTV. This includes, among other things, the programming of personalized video notifications on all common end devices.

The company also designs TV media libraries and develops live sports apps. Teravolt designs individual TV offers for its customers. So the team helps broadcasters and streaming platforms stay up to date.

Teravolt: This is how the TV producer works

Teravolt has been developing digital media products for the television industry since 2006. Founder Tobias Fröhlich and his team have built up an international customer base over time, including Red Bull, Telekom and ZDF.

A total of 50 employees plus freelancers now work for the company in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel. Eleven rooms are available on a total of 620 square meters.

Teravolt also allows its employees to work hybrid. So if the employees are not in the Hamburg office, they do their work in the home office, for example.

Teravolt’s employees work hybrid and commute between the remote office and the office in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel. (Photo: Company)

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