The telegram recorded more than 500 million users

Just yesterday, we informed you that Signal is experiencing a bad deal, what WhatAApp and its new data sharing policy were to blame for. We have a similar message for you today, but this time it is still about a great alternative – Telegram.

Last year alone, the application reached 400 million active users and is a hundred away. The company attributes this to recent events that WhatsApp is responsible for. They have seen an increase of more than 25 million new users in the last 72 hours.

The telegram grows, WhatsApp falls

It is more than likely that users did so in protest of the practices of Facebook and its WhatsApp application. He issued a statement last week, which will link the data provided by WhatsApp with Facebook more strongly. Fortunately, it does not concern us, it applies to everyone else except Europe. Facebook later issued another statement, but this did not happen among the people, and so the growth of alternatives such as Telegram or Signal continued.

The telegram continues to promise to remain focused on user privacy and free, even though the company has decided to monetize its application, recalls Android Central.

The director of Telegram, Pavel Durov, named WhatsApp as an example of a company they do not want to become:

We do not sell the company as the founders of WhatsApp. The world needs the Telegram to remain independent as a place where users are respected and where high quality services are a matter of course. The telegram must continue to serve the world as an example of a technology society striving for excellence and integrity. And as the sad examples of our predecessors show, it is impossible if you become part of a large corporation. ”

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Signal is experiencing trouble. WhatsApp is to blame

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