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The telegram ended the year 2021 with a major update

The period between the Christmas holidays and the New Year is a time of rest and well-being for many, but not for the team behind the Telegram application. He worked hard to release an update with several interesting features just before the end of the year. The novelty was brought by the GSMAren portal.

Reactions, interactive emojis, spoilers and more

Users can get to know the first news, for example, from the Facebook Messenger application. From now on, both private and group crews will see a selection of several emojis that you can use to respond to it. You can double-tap the message to respond, but you can exchange the emoji for others in the settings. The feature will turn on automatically after the update, but must be manually enabled in groups and channels by administrators.


Furthermore, the option of hidden spoilers is added to the application. Before sending, just select the part of the message that reveals the key part of the story and tap the Spoiler button. It then hides from other users in the platoon, but also in notifications or message previews in the platoon list. To view a hidden part of a message, simply tap it.

It is also now possible to add a Translation button to the options menu that appears after selecting a message. This, as the name suggests, translates the selected message. The list of available languages ​​depends on your phone software.

The QR code with a link to your or anyone else’s profile can be re-customized with new colors and patterns. Finally, several other emojis received an interactive version, which means that after sending, for example, a snowflake, snow will appear on the screen.

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