The story of Call of Duty, leaked information about Avowed, new movies based on games and “sound” even for the deaf -apkrig

Wednesday’s news offers information about games that we will reach in a few weeks, but we are also looking to the distant future. We will tell you something about upcoming war events, RPG Avowed from Obsidian or audio radar that converts sound into light. However, we also deal with disputes between Epic Games and Activision. Sit back and go for it.

List of topics

00:40 – In the new Call of Duty, players will fight against the Fourth Empire. The first story trailer reveals the main characters and the story after the end of World War II. The screenwriters are thinking of continuing

08:25 – Call of Duty and Battlefield show the news at the same time. Tomorrow afternoon, the Zombies regime will be unveiled in Vanguard and the Hazard Zone in Battlefield

13:09 – Information about the RPG Avowed from Obsidian has leaked. The game is to act as a mix of The Elder Scrolls and The Outer Worlds. The connection with Pillars is great

19:52 – Thanks to Audio Radar, deaf players will see the sounds. New accessories convert steps or shooting into light signals. Works on PCs and consoles

23:41 – Epic admits that the minigame at Fortnit was inspired by Among Us. Shortly afterwards, signs of cooperation began to appear. It’s supposed to be something funny

27:40 – EA extends FIFPRO contract to form players in their football

29:15 – Bluepoint reportedly working on the second episode of Bloodborne. This is suggested by journalist Colin Moriarty. He is also sure that there will be a version of the original game on the PS5

33:24 – Sable, Mosaic and Night Call head to cinemas and television. Independent hits from Raw Fury will be adapted from the company that produced Sonica

35:50 – There is growing evidence that the Switch’s new dock can handle both 4K and 60 fps. The station has a chip that supports UHD resolution. However, the console does not yet know such output

40:13 – Mortal Kombat author Ed Boone showed how Scorpion “learned” his famous attack

42:31 – The lawsuit against Activision is beginning to plunge into chaos. The federal office found that the plaintiff organization DFEH had a conflict of interest. The whole dispute may end

46:50 – Another entry in the rating organization’s database promises Alan Wake Remastered on Switch

47:41 – Sony reportedly wants to build its own chip factory with TSMC. The factory is to grow in Japan. Both companies want to solve the current crisis with the help of the state

50:16 – Update for Quake on next-gen console brings support for 4K and 120 fps

51:13 – IO Interactive celebrates the most financially successful year in its history

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