The status quo on the watch market [Anzeige]

If the economy is crumbling, investors are looking for alternatives to stocks and the like. Investments are then made in things where an increase in value can be seen and can still be expected. Above all, however, stability should be given. The watch market has been a coveted market for years. How current the situation on the watch market is, whether it is worth investing in luxury watches and how you can deal with Chrono24 secure your first luxury watchwe will show you in this article.

Luxury watches as an investment

Due to the hype of the past few years, investors have been able to build up a nice fortune with luxury watches, because the increased interest in luxury watches – especially during the Corona crisis – drove up prices. Although the values ​​on the watch market are currently declining, they are still well above the pre-crisis level. If you didn’t buy your investment at peak times and are now selling it, you can look forward to a plus with some models.

The status quo on the watch market

The corona pandemic is coming to an end and this is also reflected in the watch market. In the spring of 2022, for example, the Rolex Daytona lost a lot in value. Unworn examples now changed hands for “only” around 35,000 euros instead of 45,000 euros.

The value of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak also fell massively last year. The average price fell from 140,000 euros to 110,000 euros. Other watches, on the other hand, appreciated, as is the case in a diversified market such as luxury watches.

Long-standing collectors and investors are therefore observing the market very closely and continue to invest in models for which they expect high demand in the future. Not only unworn watches are interesting, but also used ones – because their price development is similar.

Used watches a cheap alternative?

Usually, used luxury watches are traded – sometimes significantly – below the value of an unworn watch, however, pre-owned watches can still be attractive. On the one hand, they are cheaper to buy, especially for beginners, and the risk is therefore lower. On the other hand, many luxury watches are no longer available in stores or the purchase involves a long waiting period.

Ideally, used luxury watches come with purchase receipts and certificates that can be used to prove authenticity and the change of ownership. If the original packaging is also available, this has a positive effect on the price. In fact, industry experts have even reported in recent months that used luxury watches sometimes turned out to be a better investment than various stocks.

Buy and sell used luxury watches

With the amounts at which used luxury watches are traded, smooth processing is the be-all and end-all Chrono24 marketplace offers you the security you want thanks to Chrono24 buyer protection, strict dealer guidelines, guarantee of authenticity, quality & security team and more. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a watch – in Germany or internationally.

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