The social network Parler banned by Amazon, Apple and Google files a complaint against them

Following the events of the Capitol, the giants of social networks have banned the software Talking. The leaders of the latter have decided to attack Amazon, Apple and Google for their actions.

The events that took place last Thursday seem to have had a lasting impact on social networks. The latter have been singled out by politicians as well as important personalities. Speaking, a particular social network used by a majority of protesters was banned from Apple and Google application stores. Amazon even shut down the site’s servers because of messages inciting violence. The counterattack was not long in coming since the site is suing Jeff Bezos’ firm.

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Speaking at the top of downloads when Donald Trump’s Twitter account is suspended

Following the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of the outgoing president, the internet giants have been singled out. Some accused them of having “blood on their hands”. The consequence of these accusations was the suspension of Donald Trump’s official account. First on Twitter, then on other major applications such as Instagram, Facebook or even Twitch. The president’s supporters, in protest, gathered on the social network Parler, which was at the top of downloads on the App Store in the United States.

Very quickly, Amazon accused this site of allowing hate messages to proliferate on its networks. As a result of this lax moderation, Amazon announced that Parler’s servers would be closed on Monday, January 11. The firm of Jeff Bezos having kept its promise, the reaction of the social network was immediate with a legal summons. In a complaint, the site team states: “It’s like disconnecting a patient on life support. It will kill the business – just as it was skyrocketing ”. It remains to be seen whether justice will be able to force Amazon to reverse its decision.

Source: France Info

The social network Parler banned by Amazon, Apple and Google files a complaint against them

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