The smartphone of the founder of Lassie

In the “Homescreen!” series we take a look at the smartphones of people from the social media, marketing and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games in between. Today: Hedda Båverud Olsson, Founder and CEO of lassie.

Hedda Båverud Olsson: As the founder of a pet insurance provider – and dog lover – it’s no surprise that I chose a photo of my labrador Louie as my background image. It keeps reminding me who I created Lassie for and giving my all every day – man’s best friend.

Hedda Båverud Olsson: A look at Lassie’s founder’s smartphone

It is particularly important to me to keep an eye on my to-dos. That’s why I pay attention to the “Zero Inbox”, the inbox with no unread messages. I would rather postpone new emails or Slack messages than leave them unread.

Fortunately, icons next to which a number for the number of unread messages lights up are only on my home screen for a very short time.

Louie’s health is very important to me. The Lassie app (for Android) is therefore also the one I use most often. She provides information about my insurance as well as general tips on how I, as a dog owner, can ensure that my four-legged friend is doing well.

The home screen of Hedda Båverud Olsson, founder and CEO of Lassie.

I would like to thank my mother, who is a veterinarian, for letting us share her knowledge with other animal lovers via the app in order to prevent our animal companions from getting sick in the first place. Lassie is the first preventive pet insurance.

No delivery service apps

But I’m not just acting proactively when it comes to Louie’s health. For my own well-being I use it daily Fitbit (for Android). The app gives me information about my sleep, my movement and my heart rate. Fitbit is also a source of inspiration for me when it comes to Lassie.

For work I use the general G Suite apps. Also Slack (for Android) and note (for Android) must of course not be missing.

But there are also some applications that have not found a place on my home screen for some time. I used to have several delivery service apps installed on my phone. In view of the inflation, however, it now seems much more important to me to spend the money on my family – and of course on Louie as well.

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