the smart watch at your service

Much more than a simple fashion accessory, the connected watch can be a faithful companion to better manage your daily life. This handy gadget can do everything from tracking your fitness to helping with an emergency. Here are six great reasons why you should treat yourself to a smartwatch if you don’t already have one.

It is a major ally for your health and well-being

Knowing the number of steps is great if you like to challenge yourself by walking or running. Be aware, however, that your smart watch can do a lot more. Synchronize it with the apps on your smartphone and you can afford guided and optimal training sessions. In addition to that, you can also listen to your favorite songs while performing your exercises.

A smart watch is also a card on your wrist

Thanks to a connected watch like yoonit, you can move with directions from your wrist. As a result, you no longer need to take out your smartphone to check where you are or to follow the map at the risk of tripping, falling or hitting an obstacle. The downloading an application as Google map allows you to obtain instructions for each step of the journey you have to complete.

It is of great help to you in an emergency

The connected watches can also be used in an emergency. Different brands offer a wide range ofsecurity options. You can set up an SOS message to send to loved ones to let them know you need help and let them know exactly where you are. You can also call emergency services via your smartwatch. It is therefore the guarantee of your safety. In addition, pressing the button on your connected watch is much more convenient, faster and more discreet than using your mobile phone.

She always keeps you informed

Gone are the days of carrying around your laptop or tablet to stay on top of what’s happening in the office or different important events. Your smart watch can alert you with notifications for:

  • emails;
  • calendar reminders;
  • shopping lists;
  • to-do lists, etc.

You can even make quick purchases

In stores, when it comes time to checkout, you no longer have to dig into your pockets or purse for a long time to pay. You can pay for your purchases with your smartwatch. You just need to associate it with a Apple Pay or Google Pay application and you can quickly pay for your shopping.

This little tool can also help you quickly find your lost items

How many times have you turned around your house looking for your phone or keys? With the connected watch, you no longer have to live this experience. She can find them quickly and efficiently. Many smartwatch models now have the phone search function to associate with the smartphone in order to find it in just a few seconds. To spot where you put your keys, you can purchase another gadget with a Bluetooth tracker. Associate it with your keys or any other important object and download the app appropriate.

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