The Slack communication platform is experiencing a massive outage Updated

Slack users welcomed the first business day of 2021 with a massive outage. If you suddenly can’t log in and communicate with your colleagues, you’re not in it at all, and the mistake is definitely not on your side. Official site of the Slack service, which monitors the current situation, states that the problems began to occur shortly after 4 p.m.

At first, it was not possible to retrieve the history of previous conversations, then messages could not be sent. In the end, it ended with the application showing an error message to logged-in users as well, and it hasn’t been possible to log in since. Slack is a relatively large-scale communication tool that is used primarily in the corporate sector as an effective replacement for internal e-mail. Such a massive outage is therefore a major complication.

What is the exact cause of the current outage is not yet known. Maybe it’s a technical error, maybe it’s problems caused by a higher onslaught by users who work from home after the holidays and actively need to communicate. Practically anything is possible.

Major outages of the technology company’s services did not go through even at the end of 2020. Within a few days, both Facebook and Google had problems.

Updated 19:16

It looks like Slack is slowly returning to normal. It may take a little longer than usual to sign in, but then everything should work.

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