The Sims 4 Now has a Thrilling Mod to Let Your Sims Swim

Players have been enjoying some sadistic pleasures in the past when they simply drown their sims in a swimming pool. The newest mod in the series for the Sims 4 opens up a completely new world where your avatars can actually swim and it is far more accurate. It requires some skills to successfully pull it off.

Many players love swimming pools, toddlers and so many other contents found in the previous version of sims. While some continue to abuse it just for fun, there are other aspects to it that make the game more realistic and far more interesting. The Sims 1 is known for a scenario where pool ladders will be removed but it is far more nostalgic than an actual game that you would want to play today.

With the inclusion of the new mod for the Sims 4, players will be able to enjoy their time spent in the pool and other locations. The only catch is that your avatar should be able to handle the pressure because if they have no experience at all, they could drown sooner than expected. Given the fact that the game of Sims has been around for years now, it still is baffling to know they haven’t included a capacity to make your characters actually swim in the water.

Swimming Levels and Realism in the Sims 4

As part of the mod, make sure you install it properly and understand the risks associated with having an actual mod. The rule is that your avatar should have a higher swimming level and anything around 0-2 could be considered risky. When trying to jump into the pool, the mod will provide a warning that the particular character is not equipped to be swimming in such deep heights. Instead, they should work on improving their skills before they can be tested in a real-life scenario. They may splash around a lot but the chances of them surviving such depths is very less which makes the mod as realistic as it could get.

The best way to keep things balanced in the Sims 4 and not just let your character die is to go for swimming lessons. They are being offered within the mod so that the avatars can actually enhance this particular skill and not just lose when the situation gets too tough.

The mod is done by Ilkavelle and is available to be downloaded at this link on Patreon.

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